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The Importance Of Latino Representation In Children’s TV Shows

According to a study done in 2017, a lack of positive representation in the media can ultimately lead to psychological distress in children and young adults. From low self-esteem to a misplaced identity, children are especially vulnerable to these effects, leading them to believe that they’ll never live up to the expectations of the characters they see portrayed on TV because they don’t look, sound, or behave like them.

So, what can we do, as a society, to ensure that all children feel an equal sense of belonging and pride when they watch television? 

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s about audiences asking for more inclusion, loudly celebrating the instances where it does happen, and continuing to push for media content that celebrates not just one, but many different cultures.

With TV shows like Sesame Street, which began paving the way for children’s TV and entertainment to discuss difficult matters such as diversity, racism, homelessness, homophobia, and beyond, there’s already a strong foundation from which others can branch out and do the same.

Then came others that also created a space for Latinx culture like Dora the Explorer, Dragon Tales, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and Maya & Miguel. All of these are examples of how Latinx inclusion and diversity are slowly but surely taking center stage on even more platforms where they were previously glossed over and omitted.   

Today, with Club Mundo Kids, we’re hoping to join this already powerful roster of TV shows, movies, books, and games that are actively working towards creating a more diverse media landscape for Latinx children to celebrate their language and heritage, and find long-lasting pride in the things that make them different, unique, and special.

Have you ever watched or read something that made you feel proud of your heritage and culture? Let’s share some examples in the comments below, I’ll start! 🤩

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