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5 English-Spanish Children’s Books To Add To Your Home Library

The positive effects of raising a bilingual child have been well documented by Dr. K. Lori Hanson, licensed psychologist and chief of research, evaluation and strategic planning at The Children’s Trust. One fun way to incorporate bilingual learning into your child’s life is by introducing them to bilingual children’s books.

Here is a list of great books you can add to your home library if you’re looking to inspire your child to learn or practice a second language.

01. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match | Monica Brown | Shop on Amazon

This book about a young Scottish-Peruvian girl who feels she doesn’t “match” the other kids in her classroom is a sweet way to encourage multicultural children to celebrate their differences.

02. Voy a portarme muy bien | Chris Haughton | Shop on Amazon

A great book for children who love animals. It tells the story of Simón – a cute dog who’s trying his best to behave after his owner leaves him alone for the day. 

03. Good Morning, Buenos días | Merixtell Martí | Shop on Amazon

This pop-up board book about morning routines has text written in both English and Spanish. That way, kids can follow the story along in both languages as they practice their vocabulary. You can also check out Good Night, Buenas noches!

04. The Fabulous Lost & Found (And The Little Mouse Who Spoke Spanish) | Mark Pallis | Shop on Amazon

This hilarious story of a little mouse who wanders into Mr. and Mrs. Frog’s lost & found will keep children laughing and learning. Suitable for beginners, the book teaches 50 Spanish words and phrases.

05. I Love Saturdays y domingos | Alma Flor Ada | Shop on Amazon

This book intertwines both languages depending on who the narrator is speaking to. When she speaks to her paternal grandparents, the words are in English; but when she speaks to her maternal grandparents, the words are in Spanish. It’s a great way to teach children to be proud of both their heritages!  

Did we miss a book you love? Drop the title in the comments so we can keep growing the list 📚

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